A woman has narrated her "UFO encounter" after being overcome by shiny lights above Twickenham.

Christine Hart was one of a few who saw "weird lights" in the sky on Sunday after they woke her 11-year-old son up.

Sadly, her photograph does not capture what she saw.

Your Local Guardian:

Ms Hart said afterwards: "Some of them were disappearing up and down, I said to my son "guess what, I've seen a UFO".

"It was awesome and the most exciting thing I have ever seen."

It may have all just been a Bily Ocean concert, but listen to her excited narration and see what you think.

From Monday: When the UFO-ing gets tough, the tough get UFO-ing: 

Since the RTT's story on Monday she is still convinced they were not a light show.

Ms Hart, who runs her own news agency, said: "They were above my house and def not a light show. 

"There were no beams and could not have come above the house as we are not near Hounslow.  They were going around in an elongated circle above the house."

Whether or not they were alien visitors, her reaction is priceless.

"I'm out here filming, gosh I can't see them from here. 

"They're dancing lights in the sky they're going crazy.

"Oh. My. God. They're dancing lights in the sky.

"They're pretty faint but they're going back and fro and somewhere in a formation like ballet dancing....over to East....

"What the hell are they?

"They've got like a beam coming from them. So freaky. So exciting."

In the second video, which contains a piece of extra-terrestrial inspired bad language, she says: "They all lined up adn went to one side and then they vanished.

"Now they're making like a shape. That is ***ing awesome man.

"Hi, come and get me.

"What the hell are they?"

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