A Conservative candidate for Mayor of London has hit out at what he called an "aggressive lycra-clad brigade" of cyclists who "put off" drivers and other cyclists. 

Syed Kamall MEP, who lives in Surbiton, said: "How do we address the issue of the aggressive lycra-clad brigade?...In many parts of London I don't cycle because I'm worried about the other cyclists."

He said this group of cyclists was aggressive towards drivers but also "put off other cyclists."

Mr Kamall said a "solution" to improved cycling conditions in London was segregated cycle lanes. 

Kingston has recently received a £30m grant from the Mayor of London under the "mini-Holland" scheme.

The scheme will include a series of segregated cycle lanes, including at the Fountain in New Malden and Wheatfield Way in the town centre.

Mr Kamall was speaking at a Conservative mayoral hustings in Wandsworth Town Hall last night.

The other candidates are London Assembly member Andrew Boff, MP for Richmond Park and North Kingston Zac Goldsmith and one of Boris' current deputies Stephen Greenhalgh - a former council leader of Hammersmith and Fulham.

The Conservative Party is due to announce its mayoral candidate by the end of September. 

Do you think he is right in saying there is a group of "aggressive lycra-clad" cyclists in London?

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