This is Christ Church in Surbiton Hill - a very nice group of people doing church-like things.

Your Local Guardian:



So far so normal.



But wait, what is this?

Your Local Guardian:

The beardedness, the messianic gaze, the comfortable clothing, the rapt followers.

Your Local Guardian:

The fact that disappointingly few of his key inner circle are women.

Your Local Guardian:

And at least one faithful disciple dropping a serious hint of treachery.

Your Local Guardian:

This cannot be a coincidence can it?

Asked about the remarkable similarity after this Sunday's service Rev Jon Birchall was non-commital.

But if you want to see the miracle for yourself, pop in.

And why not have a look at a plaque to former congregant and political campaigner Dr Thomas Barnardo at the same time (he lived in nearby St Leonard's Lodge, Portsmouth Road).

You could even pop a penny in their appeal to redesign the inside of the church.

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