A bearded dragon is on the loose in Putney after apparently escaping out of a ground floor window around the corner from a school.

Bernard, the 12-inch reptile fled his home in Carlton Drive near Putney High School at 2pm on Wednesday, September 2.

He is between two and three years old, grey-brown in colour.

Concerned owner Sally Nielsen is appealing for people to look out for him in their garden sheds and is asking gardeners to be careful when cutting long grass.

She said: "We really miss him, it’s not the same without him. Everywhere I go, I’m looking for him."

Your Local Guardian:

Bernard had been with the Nielsen family in Carlton Drive for 18 months before his disappearance last week

She said he isn’t heavy and doesn’t bite.

It is believed that Bernard escaped by climbing up the sofa, leaping onto a nearby chair and jumping out of a ground floor window.

It took an hour for his owners of 18 months to realise that he had gone.

He has a cage in their home but the door is left open as he usually wanders and returns regularly.

Ms Nielsen said they are especially concerned because Bernard’s cage is fitted with a heated lamp because he can’t survive in the cold.

Bernard eats insects and even frogs so he should be able to fend for himself while he is out. However, Bernard is also the prey of cats, dogs, foxes, magpies and crows himself.

This isn’t the first time that Bernard has escaped. Last time, he was found under a bush in his owner's garden when their cat spotted him.

There has been one reported sighting of a bearded dragon on Wednesday, but it before the time that Bernard went missing, leading to speculation that there is more than one bearded dragon on the loose.

Anyone who sees Bernard is urged to contact the Nielsen family on 07944 246676.