A man who hanged himself near the Thames had suffered the loss of both his parents within two years of each other, and had little contact with the “real world”, a court heard.

The body of Richard Cutler, 32, was found by a Teddington Lock footpath last June.

He was unemployed and suffering financial problems, West London Coroner’s Court heard on Wednesday, September 2.

His cousin, Mark Edwards, told the court Mr Cutler had found the body of his father, who committed suicide two years after Mr Cutler’s mother died in a car crash.

Mr Cutler, of York Road, Kingston, had made several attempts on his own life in the months before his death, and had admitted himself to hospital a number of times, the inquest into his death heard.

Mr Edwards said: “Richard had always been a very quiet boy and had a birth defect on his hand that he was very conscious of. His father was very protective of him.

“He didn’t have any contact with the real world.”

Witnesses including Dr David Mirfin and Dr Matthew Cook, who said Mr Cutler, who had been drinking before he died, had shown symptoms consistent with depression after several episodes of self-harm.

Coroner Chinyere Inyama concluded Mr Cutler, who leaves behind a half-sister, took his own life.

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