A giant waste disposal company is investigating the cause of a vehicle fire at its Mitcham recycling facility.

Workers at the Sita recycling site in Benedict Wharf were evacuated when the loading-shovel vehicle burst into flames at about 1.30pm on Friday.

Fire officers extinguished the flames in a few minutes, a Sita spokesman said.

No-one was injured and the fire did not spread beyond the vehicle.

Carl Thomas, who lives close to the recycling site, said on Friday: "Sita in Mitcham is on fire. It also smells really bad. It's been evacuated. I think they should close the site for good as this isn't good for the residents' health."

The site was re-opened by 2.30pm.

A Sita spokesman said this morning that the cause of the fire is being investigated.

He did not comment on complaints about bad smells reported to have been emanating from the site in recent weeks.

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Sita's Mitcham headquarters in Benedict Wharf 

Mr Thomas said: "The fumes and smells coming from Sita in Mitcham are getting worse. Surely this isn't good for our health.

"Why do we have to put up with this? Plus there's a school right next door to the site. There's also so many large lorries around, it's dangerous just to step outside your front door nowadays."

In 2011, the Mayor of London granted Sita planning permission to be turned into an "eco-park" with an anaerobic digestion facility, waste transfer station and a recyclable material separating facility to process 160,000 tonnes of the London's food waste every year.

The proposed facility would also generate electricity and have the potential to provide renewable heat to nearby residents.

The plans included a promise to invest £180,000 of investment for environmental improvements in and around the site's boundary, demolition of existing buildings and a "thorough clean up" of the land.

Permission was also granted for the construction of a visitor centre to allow children and members of the public to learn more about recycling and how we regenerate renewable energy from waste.

According to Sita UK's website, the plans have not yet been completed.

Sita has yet to comment on what work has yet been done.

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