A supermarket handed the lowest possible mark in an inspection by the Food Standards Agency (FSA) has only just been re-inspected more than a year on.

Cheam Food Centre, in London Road, pictured, received a zero rating from the food standards agency in July last year, making it one of just 14 supermarkets in the UK to carry the lowest possible grade.

A visit to the supermarket revealed there was FSA rating displayed outside or inside the supermarket letting possible customers know its grading before they purchased goods.

Questioned last week why the supermarket had been allowed to continue to trade without further inspection.

A Sutton Council spokesman said enforcement notices had been issued and an environmental officer had worked with the business to ensure hygiene standards were raised.

He added: “In line with FSA procedures, Cheam Food Centre had the opportunity to apply to be re-rated once standards at the premises had improved.

“However, as no application was received, the original rating remains in place until the business receives its next inspection.

“Where necessary, environmental health officers can take appropriate enforcement action in line with the council’s enforcement policy to ensure that hygiene standards are maintained.”

Since the lack of a re-inspection was raised with the council, the FSA website was updated this week to state the supermarket has been recently inspected.

Sutton Council confirmed an inspection took place this week.

Despite the rating, customers were generally pleased with the supermarket’s service.

Aimee Warren, who visits the store regularly, said: “I have never had any problems with it and it is very popular with people around here.

“But I do only buy bread and canned food from there, I never have, and won’t buy the meat from there.

“I am surprised with the rating and would like to know more about how it got that rating as I am breastfeeding at the moment that makes me very conscious about what I eat.”

Last week, store manager Peter Druhus said: “We are currently in the middle of making some big changes in the store.

“The store is expanding.

“There will be new fridges, new flooring and roofing, so there is a lot going on right now.

“Hopefully when all the changes have been made we will go up in the ratings.”

Alongside Cheam Food Centre, there are three cafes and a sandwich shop in the borough of Sutton also carrying a zero rating from the FSA.