Football stars Peter Schmeichel and Jeff Steling star in a Carlsberg advert filmed in our very own Beddington Park.

The advert titled 'If Carlsberg did kickabouts' imagines the best possible park-based football match and sees two sides being treated as if they were Premier League clubs.

Last month a spokesman for Carlsberg confirmed that they had been filming in the park, but was unable to comment on who the stars of the advert were.

At first the kickabout starts off as normal in 'Carlsberg Fields' before a player is injured and has his leg treated and his beer belly deflated in what must be the most generous on field injury treatment.

Crowds then start to gather and check a goal replay on a big screen.

A player in a West Ham shirt later lucks out and gets a two pain-free sleeve tattoos when he dips both of his arms into buckets of what must be permanent marker liquid.

As one team storm down the field and scores a goal Sky Sports legend Jeff Steling pops out of a trailer and shouts "Oh my word."

Moments later the players start to grind to a halt as they are caught in 'slow motion.'

A player then boots the ball all the way to row zed when speed resumes as normal.

The clip then shows the Great Dane Peter Schmeichel walking his...Great Dane before stopping the ball and throwing it back to the players.

The advert ends with the players enjoying a pint in the middle of the park.

After filming the iconic Manchester United goalkeeper shared his thoughts on the ongoing De Gea saga.

He said: "David De Gea has done fantastically well since he came to the club, he was heavily criticized for not being good enough in the first sort of six months of his time at Old Trafford.

"Yet in that very same season he put himself in the frame as a fantastic goalkeeper and by the end of that season no one thought he wasn’t good enough and he’s developed fantastically.

"But this is Manchester United, you know they’ve had big big players coming into the club and they’ve done a job, they’ve moved on. But the club has moved on as well, that’s what Manchester United does.