With the third test looming, things could hardly be more interesting in the Ashes.

And with the Aussies flying high on the field, why not celebrate/commiserate with some great antipodean nosh?

We’ve looked at where you can get some Australian favourites in south London, north Kent and Surrey.

Your Local Guardian:


Ok, it’s not like every Australian wanders around noshing on a Kanagroo steak every day but the fact remains the hoppy, over-sized bunnies are quintessential Oz. These days, you can get a piece of Kanga meat with relative ease.

And that’s a good thing because it’s actually pretty good. Not only does it taste nice (gamey, brilliant rare) but Kangaroo meat is low in fat and high in good stuff like protein, iron, zinc and anti-oxidants.

Where to buy it?

Got an Iceland nearby? Then you can grab a pair of burgers for £1.50 or two 250g fillets for £4.60. It’s often available in Lidl too.

If you prefer something a bit more artisan, Tucker’s Exotic Meats at Kingston Market (tuckers-exotics.co.uk) sells burgers for £4.10 a pair or £6.90 for steaks. Dennis of Bexley (dennisofbexley.com) sell a tasty-looking Kangaroo Pie, JM Danslow in Gravesend sell it at £4.99 a pack.

Over at St Marcus Fine Foods in Roehampton and Lower Kingswood, the focus is South African and you can’t get Kangaroo but other Aussie creatures you can tuck into include crocodile tail steak (£19.25 to £38.50) or Ostrich (£7.50 burgers or £9.75 for a 250g steak).


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Australia does lots of great wine, but that’s just not cricket. What you want is a cool tinnie (or bottle) of Australian lager. Now, we’re not talking Fosters, so it’s actually a bit harder to track down the good stuff.

At The Beer Boutique (thebeerboutique.co.uk) in Putney, Cooper’s Pale Ale costs £2.50 a bottle or Cooper’s Sparkling Ale is £2.75. Little Creatures Pale Ale costs £3.50 a bottle.

Real Ale (realale.com) in Twickenham sells the Cooper’s beers at £2.40 and £2.65 a bottle, while you can get them by the crate of 12 at Majestic warehouses all over south London for £15.99.

If you're the online type, you can also pick up just about every Aussie beer going (and lots of other goodies) at sanza.co.uk


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Now for the sweet stuff: Aussies are well known for their pavlova (though they argue with the Kiwis) and also the Lamington.

The latter is a Queensland classic – little squares of vanilla sponge, dipped in chocolate and covered in coconut. Often they’re filled with cream or jam. Delicious.

Tracking these down in south London has proved tricky but we can certainly recommend Milk in Balham (£1.90), just down the road at Dee-Lite Bakery or Butter Beans in Richmond (£2).