Councillor Graham Tope's dismissive letter (April 12) is illustrates a patronising and tired administration. His comments regarding the parks police debacle will come as cold comfort to those who now lack the reassurance the abolished parks police provided. It is telling that only after considerable pressure from Sutton's Tory councillors that he would reveal the status of policing in our parks.

Additional funding for our Safer Neighbourhood Teams is always welcome in the long term, of course, but unless this extra money can sprout legs, drive cars and nick antisocial yobs within days - what additional reassurance will this give to users of our parks and open spaces over the summer? Very little, I imagine.

The charge of scaremongering that the Liberal Democrats hurl at anyone who might question their decisions has now lost any credibility. When will they just swallow their pride and say, "we were wrong, we are sorry"?

COUN PAUL SCULLY Leader London Borough of Sutton Conservative Group