Councillor Tope has once again failed to give answers about the effective policing of our parks.

The gap between the Parks Police finishing on March 31 and the Met Police being trained to cover the park duties could be up to six months, which would take us to the end of the summer.

It was a senior police officer that gave this timetable, not a scaremongering politician.

We should not be increasing the workload on the Safer Neighbourhood Teams, who at this time of the year are fully committed with their own duties.

At a recent meeting, the borough police commander stated that due to Government cuts his police numbers would be reduced. Coun Tope with his position on the Met Police Authority should have known this.

In the meantime throughout this period, the council should at least publish contact telephone numbers in the case of any incidents in the parks.

COUN ERIC HOWELL Conservative Crime Spokesman