A street brawl in Rosehill left a man "knocked out" and lying in the road following a four-man fight.

Police were called at 5.47pm on Thursday, July 9 by the driver of a 151 bus after he saw the fight near Rosehill roundabout.

One witness Matt Shine, said: "Four men were fighting in the road, one man got knocked clean out with a single punch and fell in the middle of the road.

"Passengers from the bus went to his aid and the bus was nowhere near making any contact with any of the men.

"The fight continued with three men outside KFC and resulted in all three men running off in different directions.

"Two of the men were speaking in Polish."

According to Sutton police, officers arrived to find an injured male lying in the road.

He was taken to hospital by the London Ambulance Service.

According to police the male, aged 30, was wanted by police in connection with a domestic assault.

He was arrested and is being questioned at a police station in south London.