A fifth attempted child abduction has been reported, furthering already heightened fears in the community.

The latest incident was reported to have happened yesterday when an 11-year-old boy was crossing the road near The Plough pub in Wallington.

It was understood that the youngster was approached by a man and a woman in a black Mercedes. 

The couple told the boy that his mother was running late and that he should "jump in the back".

Instead the boy ran towards a group of children further along the road and carried on walking.

This comes amid a series of reported abduction attempts in Sutton involving children as young as 10 being offer lifts by strangers driving a dark car.

A spokesman for Sutton police said: "Police received a report of a boy, aged 11, being asked to get into a black Mercedes near a zebra crossing in Plough Lane near the junction with Collyer Avenue on Wednesday, July 8 at 4pm.

"The occupants of the vehicle said they knew his mum and that she was running late and told him to get into their car. 

"The boy ignored them. 

"The car drove off towards Croydon Road. 

"The male and female in the vehicle are both described as black.

So far the Sutton Guardian is aware that three girls and one boy were approached on roads in Carshalton and Wallington by the occupants of the dark coloured car from 8.30am to 6.45pm across several dates in late June and early July.

On each occasion a black man or a black woman was seen inside the car.

A 13-year-old girl was first approached on June 23 on Station Approach, in Wallington.

Four days later a different 13-year-old girl waiting at a bus stop was asked if she wanted a lift on the junction between Carshalton Road and Shorts Road, Carshalton, at some point during the morning of June 27.

A boy, also 13, was then targeted by the occupants of the dark coloured car around 6.45pm on June 29 on Holmwood Gardens, in Wallington.

Prior to Wednesday's attempted abduction the most recent report had been a 10-year-old girl  approached at 8.45am on Stafford Road, Wallington, on July 2.

The spokesman added: "We are following up all reports that come in from members of the public and carrying out investigations into all sightings. 

"We thank members of their public for their response and we will provide updates as the investigation progresses."