A church has been giving people a chance to talk through their worries over a free coffee and cake on the high street.

Members of the King's Church, based in Longmead Road, Epsom, have been setting up a marquee outside the Metro Bank in Epsom town centre every third Saturday in the month since April.

The next event, which involves free homemade cupcakes, muffins and hot and cold drinks being handed out, will be held on Saturday, July 18, from 10.30am to 1pm.

Carole Latham, church member, said the aim of the project is to reach out to community and give "something for nothing" - but not to recruit people to the church.

She said it has proved popular and the number of cakes given away has reached 400 in just one day.

Ms Latham said: "The cakes are all homemade, cooked in the church's kitchens in a big bake-off or in homes and about 10 varieties are offered.

"The stall is usually surrounded by children and adults and there are lots of conversations, prayers, and support going on.

"It is becoming quite an oasis in the neighbourhood.

"Local traders also come and enjoy the treats provided.

"The church just wants to get out into the community and show some support and give something for nothing just to show we care.

"We have no axe to grind. If people stop and talk we will talk about our faith, but we are not going to push it on anybody.

"We just want to give, that’s the beauty of it."

Ms Latham said people feel it gives them an outlet to discuss their hardships.

"The reaction has been quite amazing, especially the disadvantaged people who have come to talk to us," she said.

"People in need, the disabled, people who have problems.

"People ask for a prayer and let their problems out. It is about easing the burden.

"People are finding it very difficult with debt and getting through their life physically and mentally."