As week two of the Wimbledon Championships get under way, you may be thinking there is nothing about the tournament you do not know.


Try this quick quiz and discover exactly what you know (and do not know). 

Answers at the bottom of the page.

1: Who holds the record for being the youngest ever player to be seeded for the ladies’ singles?

2: Who is the youngest ever winner of the mens’ singles title?

3: What did Martina Navratilova (below) achieve four times as Wimbledon ladies’ singles champion (the last in 1990), that has only been repeated five times since?

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4: Who has won more mens’ singles titles – Pete Sampras or Roger Federer.

5: What was the double significance of Goran Ivanisevic’s championship victory in 2001?

6: Who holds the record for the most men’s matches won consecutively at Wimbledon?

7: In which year was prize money first introduced to the Championships, and in which year was the prize money for the men and ladies made equal?

8: How much will a first round loser take home in prize money this year?

9: How much will the Wimbledon singles champions pocket?

10: Who did Andy Murray beat to win the 2013 men’s singles title (below)?

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1: Jennifer Capriati in 1990 – she was 14 years 89 days. 

2: Boris Becker in 1985 – he was 17 years 227 days (below).

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3: She won the title without dropping a set – since then only Lindsay Davenport (1999), Serena Williams (2002, 2010), Venus Williams (2008) and Marion Bartoli (2013) have done the same.

4: They have both won it seven times.

5: He was the first from Croatia to win a title at Wimbledon, and he was also a wild card entry.

6: Bjorn Borg won 41 matches on the bounce between 1976 and 1981.

7: First introduced in 1968, and made equal in 2007.

8: £29,000.

9: £1.88m.

10: Novak Djokovic.