Bus services to New Addington are set to improve following a Transport for London (TfL) consultation.

The consultation period, which ran from October 21 until December 19 2014, came as a result of a review and discussions with Croydon Council, and the public who recognised that improvements to the bus services in the area could be made.

These included better interchange between bus routes and trams; improvements to bus access at the south end of Central Parade and enhancing links between New Addington and Croydon University Hospital.

TfL published the results of the consultation on June 30 and subject to necessary works being carried out, the following changes, will be introduced in autumn 2015.

Route 64 will be extended from Salcot Crescent (in New Addington) to a stand at Vulcan Way. The route will have its frequency increased and will also operate 24 hours a day, replacing the separate night service on route N64.

Route 130 will have a frequency increase and will be extended from Parkway (in New Addington) to Vulcan Way.

Route 353 will be extended from Addington Village Interchange to Forestdale Route 359 will be extended from Selsdon Sainsbury’s to Purley Cross and will now run from 07:00 to 19:45 daily. Additionally, the frequency will be increased to a bus every 30 minutes.

Route 464 will still terminate at Parkway, but will now run via Arnhem Drive and Central Parade.

Routes T31 and T32 will no longer run, these services will be replaced by changes to routes 64, 130 and 353 and Route T33 will be renumbered as 433.

Route 353 will now terminate at the end of Courtwood Lane at the Selsdon Nature Reserve stop.

Route 464 will now become part of the free interchange between bus and tram.

Route 359 will serve the same stops on Brighton Road and Purley Road as route 412. Passengers heading towards Addington Road will be able to use these common stops to board either route. Buses will then use High Street to return to Brighton Road, meaning they don’t have to navigate the Purley Cross junction.

Croydon Council’s cabinet member for transport and environment, councillor Kathy Bee, said: "New Addington is one of Croydon’s major districts and a priority area for the council. The changes resulting from this consultation will bring improvements to bus services in the area, with routes being extended and buses running more frequently, which is what residents have said they want to see."