Laura Robson may have been happy overall with her return to tennis at the Wimbledon Championships last week, but there are still creases to iron out.

After her first round exit on Tuesday, which featured 45 unforced errors and a stuttering service game, the 21-year-old admitted she still needed to work on her ball toss.

Having been out of action for 18 months with a wrist injury, Robson was delighted with her performance when compared to the hammering she took at the Aegon International in Eastbourne in her first game back.

However, the troubles with her service game go back beyond the injury, although, significantly, Robson knows where the problem lies.

“I don't know if you ever watched my matches, but my serve has never been totally OK,” she said.

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“It was worse in Eastbourne, but better at Wimbledon, so we’ll just continue to work on it.”

She added: “It’s more an indecisive decision process when I’m throwing the ball up more than anything.

“I just change my mind quite a lot on where I’m going to go. That results in my ball toss going where it shouldn’t.

“I honestly feel bad for my opponents most of the time because I end up having to catch the ball so much.

“I’m sure it annoys them, but I’m sure it annoys me more than them.”