Bus stops installed as part of the £1.4m Sutton Gateway project will need further work after a "misunderstanding" meant contractors were not told where to plug in electronic arrival boards.

Confusion between the two authorities led to the bus shelters being installed without necessary ducting and a power supply to run countdown signs, according to an order made by Sutton Council to Transport for London, (TfL) which has been carrying out work around Sutton station for more than a year as part of the project.

Sutton Council has now placed an order with TfL's contractor to do this work, "at additional" cost.

Transport for London has confirmed it will be carrying out and paying the work, which it estimates will cost about £6,000.

Gary Snewing, regional manager for Bus Infrastructure at TfL, said: “The Sutton Gateway Project is proceeding as planned.  

"As with any project of this size, alterations at such a busy interchange where four bus stop locations have changed have been challenging. 

"Work to connect the countdown travel information screens to these stops will start shortly and costs will be met by TfL.

"Transport for London and the London Borough of Sutton continue to work closely to complete this project.”

Opposition councillor Tony Shields, labelled the error a "totally avoidable fiasco".

Coun Shields, deputy leader of the Conservatives, said: "Yet again the Lib Dem run council has proved their incompetence as if it needed highlighting.

"This totally avoidable fiasco could cost £100,000 to fix, and considering the recent mega money balls up in Hackbridge, I think it is time Councillor Jill Whitehead who is the lead councillor for these projects should resign.

"The public cannot afford for her to stay any longer.

"This is a typical cock up at Sutton, a major project with the intention of improving transport links has missed a fundamental element that bus users rely on, the countdown signs.

"Travelling public regularly talk to me about these and will not be at all impressed with the now months of delay."

TfL received a works order to install an electrical supply and ducting, placed on May 6, after the bus stops were installed.

A Sutton Council spokesman said: "Bus countdowns will be installed next and we are working with TfL to complete them.

"All project works have been funded by our partners TfL, Network Rail, Southern Rail and developer contributions, with a smaller contribution from Sutton Council."