Neighbours think the council would be nuts to approve a 25m phone mast that would disrupt conker season in West Molesey.

Submitted on May 15, Harlequin Group wants permission for the mast to be put on the north verge of Walton Road, West Molesey, opposite house number 464.

Jenny Brown, who is unhappy with the proposal, said: "I feel that it would spoil what is otherwise a picturesque area, there is nothing along the Walton Road that comes close to that height apart from churches which are lovely to look at and a part of our history.

"I do not see why it can not be built among the factories in West Molesey, as this is already an unsightly area.

"It will stick out like a sore thumb. I have never had any problems with mobile reception regardless of which company my mobile phone is with."

An objection posted on the online plans on Elmbridge Council website spoke of strong opposition and implored the council not to approve an "ill conceived application".

It said: "The mast would be situated between some lovely 'conker trees' which are well used by children during the conker season.

"It is also close to the war memorial which is very disrespectful to the fallen and again will spoil the area surrounding the memorial and the view of the recreation ground."

Simon Mitchell, project manager, said: "The telecommunications infrastructure the subject of this application accords with all relevant legislation and as such will not cause significant and irremediable interference with other electrical equipment, air traffic or instrumentation operation in the national interest."