A driver caught on camera in an expletive ridden outburst against a cyclist has been named as a south west London master butcher.

Earlier today, we published a video which showed the foul-mouthed four minute tirade between a cyclist and driver in Priory Lane, Roehampton, on March 14 this year.

Both sides swear at each other but the driver of the Land Rover is captured on camera losing the plot.

He also wildly gesticulates and swears at a passing car, another cyclist who at one point appears to try to make the peace, and finally other passing cyclists.

VIDEO: "There’s a ******* cycle lane. I’ll ******* kill you"- explosive row between cyclist and driver

We can reveal the driver featured in the video is Jason Wells, who owns the Brew cafe chain, which has branches in Putney, Clapham, Wimbledon and Wandsworth, and is set to open in Kew and Chiswick.

Speaking on behalf of Mr Wells, a Samphire Communications spokeswoman said: “There will be no comment at this time.”

When asked if she could confirm it was Mr Wells in the video, the spokeswoman added she was “not confirming” anything.

WARNING: These videos contain extreme expletives so we've also created a Benny Hill-style SFW version which contains extreme squeaking)


The four-minute long video shows a cyclist riding along Priory Lane, towards Richmond Park, when a driver in a Land Rover Discovery 4 appears to push the cyclist towards the kerb.

The driver then gets out of his vehicle and begins shouting abuse at the cyclist who reciprocates with abusive language.