The body of a man was found in the river Thames at Eel Pie Island this morning.

Your Local Guardian:

Police were called at 9.37am to reports of a body face down in the water at the end of the island, wedged between two moored boats in approximately three foot of water.

Marine support were called.

David Miller, who saw the body, said he was not sure what might have happened.

He said: “I overheard somebody saying he thought the body had been in the river for a while.

“He was wearing blueish colour overalls.

“The guy who found the body was just checking the rudder of his boat, which he does every day, and saw it right by the rudder.

“It is so sad. I nearly fainted when I saw it.”

There was some speculation the man may have suffered an accident during the weekend’s Rugby Sevens event.

Sam Coles, whose boat was moored next to where the body was found, said: “There were lots of people chucking themselves off the bridge on the weekend.”