A New Addington schoolgirl filmed unleashing a torrent of vile abuse and punches on a "vulnerable" teenager has been detained in a young offenders' institution for eight months.

The 14-year-old, watched by millions of people in shocking online footage showing her attacking a boy in a row over a drug deal, wept and hugged her parents as she was taken away after being sentenced at Croydon Youth Court this morning.

She pleaded guilty to assault by beating on Saturday after the viral footage led to her arrest.

From Tuesday: 'I'm gonna smack this yute': Girl charged after millions watch footage of shocking attack on teenager on Monks Hill estate

It emerged in court she had been sentenced to a youth rehabilitation order, imposed for causing grievous bodily harm and witness intimidation, before the attack.

In the video, shot by onlookers in the Monks Hill estate of South Croydon on May 13, the girl can be heard telling friends: "I'm gonna smack this yute".

She then grabs the boy, aged 14 and described as "vulnerable" in court, by his clothing and tells him: "I don't want to have to bang you, you're lucky."

As the boy, who does not retaliate to her blows, backs away, she repeats: "Are you gonna cry? Are you gonna cry?"

Prosecutor Nicholas Earl-Quarcoo played the footage in court for magistrates, who described it as "extremely unpleasant.

In mitigation, the girl's barrister Kathryn Hovington said she was undergoing anger management training as part of her rehabilitation order.


She added: "[She] is a person who has shown real intelligence and insight. She is able to reflect and she knows that she becomes  wound up and is unable to restrain herself.

"She regrets her actions and was not aware of the victim's vulnerability. She has asked me to apologise on her behalf.'

The girl, an aspiring beautician dressed in tracksuit bottoms and a grey top, remained tearful throughout the hearing and was too upset to speak when asked by magistrates.

Her barrister asked the judges to spare her a custody and instead to sentence her to an "intensive" community order.

Miss Hovington added the girl had suffered a "backlash" and "intimidation" after the video, which has been watched by about 2.7 million people, went viral.

But presiding magistrate Ken Ashken told her: "This was an extremely unpleasant assault on a vulnerable 14-year-old who did not seek to respond in any way.

"In these circumstances, despite your young age and the undoubtedly good sides that you have within you, we consider that offence is so serious, in regards to your previous offending, that a custodial sentence is justifiable."

She was sentenced to eight-month detention and training order for breaching the youth rehabilitation order, imposed on March 8, plus four months to run concurrently  for the assault.

Outside the court her father said he was "gutted".

When she appeared at Croydon Youth Court on May 7 this year facing charges over a separate alleged assault on a girl outside O/S Kebab Centre, in Selsdon Road, court documents listed the 14-year-old's parents as"ANON" and their address as "whatever, whatever, whatever, whatever, whatever."

Hundreds of comments have been left below the video including on the Croydon Guardian site.

One said: "Sentence her parents too."

Another person said: "This is what's sums up the kids today.. Wild and unsupervised!!"

But another said: "People arw so quick to judge the parents, i grew up in croydon and I know for a fact if i spoke like that my parents would flip but once out with "mates" i felt pressured to act like a "rude girl" so thia may just be the same thing... Open mind."

In the video the girl verbally abuses and threatens the boy and grabs him by his clothing before punching him in the head.

In a row over an apparent cannabis deal, she then tells him: "You better fix up, sort yourself out and when my bredrens come for a draw or anyone on this estate comes for a draw, you're not giving them dust, do you understand?

"Or else I'm getting my youngies to come and jerk you."

After the girl lands a blow on the boy, someone in the watching crowd is heard saying: "Oh, that was a connection".

Someone in watching crowd says: "I'm trying to tell [her] but she's not listening. She's going to get herself put in jail or something".

As a blow lands they say: "Oooh, that was a connection."

Police became aware about the incident on May 14, the day after it happened. She pleaded guilty in court on May 16, it has emerged.