A man accused of a string of sexual assaults against women claims discovery of his semen in a park was due to him masturbating and having sex with his girlfriend there before.

Daniel Elliott, 24, is accused of attacks against three women between summer and autumn last year, including two rapes on teenage girls.

Taking the stand yesterday Mr Elliott of Rosewell Close, Anerley, said he regularly met his girlfriend, who lived in Carshalton, close to where the sexual attacks took place.

The three attacks happened in Mellows Park, Wallington, Beddington Park, and Grove Park, Carshalton.

Mr Elliott was firstly accused of attacking a Polish woman in her 20s in Mellows Park as she walked home on August 3 after getting off a bus he was also riding.

From earlier in the trial: Mr Elliott is accused of three separate sexual assaults last year in Sutton parks

Mr Elliot admitted he was on board the same bus and did get off at the same stop as the woman and other passengers which was due to congestion that had built up on the road.

Forensic scientists found fibres taken from the woman's cardigan matched those belonging to a jumper worn by Mr Elliott.

But he said the fibres could have come loose as he had walked past the seat behind the driver and attached to the victims clothing by chance.

Mr Elliott described this as: "An unfortunate coincidence."

He is also accused of raping a 16-year-old girl in Beddington Park, on September 5, while she was out walking with her boyfriend.

During the attack the boy, also 16, was forced to watch and the pair were so traumatised, according to the prosecution, that they failed to report the crime for more than a month.

Due to this, argue the prosecution, there was no forensic evidence linking Mr Elliott to the attack.

The final offence took place in similar circumstances in Grove Park, November 15, where a schoolgirl out with her boyfriend was threatened and then attacked in a children's playground.

Semen found in the park matched Mr Elliott's DNA, but the 24-year-old explained that he had masturbated in Grove Park's toilets, the park itself and had previously had sex with his girlfriend in the park as well.

When asked when and where the sex took place by Richard Bendall, speaking on behalf of the prosecution, Mr Elliott referred him to his statement given to the police last year.

In the statement Mr Elliott said: "Bruv, I could not tell you when I last had sex with her in the park."

"It doesn't matter anyway, it is a big park."

Mr Bendall asked how his semen was found five days after she had been attacked and near to where she said it took place despite Mr Elliot saying he could not remember when he last had sex or masturbated in the park and despite the fact it had rained that weekend.

Mr Elliott said: "Just because the rain could have been there doesn't mean it would have gone away."

Mr Elliott denies all of the charges against him.

The case continues.