Dave Ash, 37, of the National Health Action Party (NHA) and candidate for the Sutton & Cheam constituency told the Sutton Guardian that Sutton’s Lib Dem MPs had betrayed their electorate when it came to the NHS.

The NHA is against the coalition government’s reorganisation of the NHS and oppose any privatisation of it.

“When people voted for Paul Burstow and Tom Brake in 2010 they thought they were voting to protect the NHS.

“But they were betrayed, they played a huge part in pushing through the bill that is gutting the NHS.

When asked about the exit polls that put the Tory Party within reach of a majority, Mr Ash said he was ‘terrified,’ but that the party would fight on regardless of the result.

“I would be surprised if there is an NHS worth fighting for in five years time if we get another Tory led government.

“But the fight goes on, we are the first platoon of an army and this is the start of our campaign rather than the end.”