"Ugly scenes" at Nick Clegg's two-minute address to supporters outside St Helier Hospital, where a blind candidate had Liberal Democrat placards held provocatively in her face, have been condemned.

From yesterday: VIDEO: No questions asked - Nick Clegg at St Helier Hospital to support Tom Brake

Labour candidate Emily Brothers joined the throng of gatherers to listen to the deputy prime minister.

But she was left feeling "disorientated" when two large cards emblazoned with Lib Dem insignia were held in front of her face, in an apparent attempt to hide her party's colours from the cluster of television cameras.

Election rivals the Conservatives, UKIP, the National Health Action Party and Labour have called for the Lib Dems to make an official apology to Ms Brothers.

The Lib Dems said they regretted Ms Brother's feelings but said one of their own disabled councillors, Jean Crosby was also abused, this time by anti-incinerator protestors, who turned up to meet Nick Clegg.

Ms Brothers, who is standing in neighbouring Sutton and Cheam ward at the May 7 election said: "It was an unpleasant incident, but it is only to be expected when you stand up to Lib Dem bully tactics.

"I had a sense that things were being held in front of my face, as it felt disorientating amongst the noise.

"It is difficult enough getting around without sight and poor hearing without that kind of nonsense.

"I would like to assure everybody that all is well with me."

She added: "I’m grateful to the words of support on social media today, particularly from political opponents, nothing from the Lib Dem Party of course."

The messages of support included Dave Ash, National Health Action party candidate for Sutton and Cheam, who said: "Obviously I do not support Ms Brothers policies, but I support absolutely her right, and indeed anyone else's right to protest and demonstrate their objection without harassment by the Lib Dem lackies.

"I look forward to their apology, but I fear that any such apology if it ever were to appear, might be as sincere as their promise not to raise tuition fees."

The deputy leader of the Conservative opposition group on Sutton Council, Tony Shields, said he "sincerely" hoped Emily Brothers "gets a proper apology for this disgusting and bullying behaviour".

He added: "I am a Conservative councillor and always speak to Emily with respect when I meet her at the many council committee meetings she attends in her own free time. "

UKIP candidate for Carshalton and Wallington, Bill Main-Ian, said: "The scenes on TV seemed rather disconcerting and demeaning for Mr Clegg and Mr Brake by the actions of their supporters."

This was echoed by Conservative councillor Neil Garrett who said: "We can all get caught up in the excitement of a general election, but I don't think any of us got involved in politics with the intention of mobbing blind people trying to make a peaceful protest.

"At some point, you just have to step back and ask yourself what on Earth you're doing?"

Responding to the criticism John Drage, chairman of Sutton Liberal Democrats said he regretted Ms Brothers felt disorientated but some disabled Lib Dem supporters were also pushed and intimidated by protesters.

He said: "Protesters turned up to disrupt a Liberal Democrat event on the very passionate issue of the accident & emergency and maternity units at St Helier Hospital.

"I very much regret Ms Brothers felt disorientated at the event. I also very much regret that some disabled Liberal Democrat supporters were subjected to pushing and intimidation by some of the protesters.

"The visit - despite the protesters shouting raucously throughout Mr Clegg’s speech - demonstrated Nick Clegg’s commitment to key services at St Helier Hospital and nationally to investing £8 billion extra in our NHS by 2020."

Councillor Jean Crosby said: "I am a disabled person who was pushed and shoved in the back, shouted at and abused by protesters this morning at Tom's campaign event. Who from the protesters are going to apologise to me?

"The person who should take the blame for this is the person who orchestrated the protesters at our photo shoot. That person should apologise to me, Tom and St Helier Hospital."

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