An army marches on its stomach and so it seems do politicians.

On the campaign trail in Addiscombe yesterday Boris Johnson and Gavin Barwell turned down the offer of a bacon sandwich in New Cafe, Lower Addiscombe Road, Addiscombe.

From yesterday: Boris Johnson bolsters Gavin Barwell's Croydon Central campaign

Instead the Mayor of London chose a massive plate of liver and bacon and the Conservative candidate for Croydon Central enjoyed fish and chips.

Croydon Guardian has taken a look at six other times when politicians hit the headlines through their choices of food.

1. Everybody knows hotdogs are eaten with the hands. Everybody it seems apart from David Cameron.

On Monday the Conservative leader’s visit to a voter barbecue backfired when he used a knife and fork.

Your Local Guardian:

2. Last May Ed Miliband tried to show he was in touch with the public by eating a bacon sandwich at a cafe.
His advisors had to intervene and take it away from him after he lost the battle with grease and sauce.

Your Local Guardian:

3. UKIP leader Nigel Farage took on the man of the people test by eating a bacon sandwich.
The pictures show him failing just as badly as Ed Miliband.

Your Local Guardian:

4. A late night tweet from George Osborne showed him eating a burger while putting together a spending review in 2013.
Instead of being seen as a man of the people his meal cost almost £10 from the Byron burger chain and he told the press: “McDonald's doesn't deliver".

Your Local Guardian:

5. David Cameron was caught up in the row over George Osborne’s plan to charge 20 per cent VAT on hot takeaway food, dubbed Pastygate, in 2012.
He said he loved pasties but the leftwing press reported that the shop where he had bought his last one had closed down in 2010.

Your Local Guardian:

6. On the campaign trail in 2005 Tony Blair gave Gordon Brown an ice cream in an attempt to show unity after reports of splits at the top of the Labour Party.

Your Local Guardian:
The moment was captured by BBC News.

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