A Roehampton University student who was hypnotised in a phone booth in England was shocked to find himself in a busy Moroccan market when he awoke 13 hours later.

Richard Critchlow, 21, was put into a trance by television personality Derren Brown, as part of a new show for Channel 4, according to a national newspaper.

Mr Critchlow was taken to Heathrow airport, where he was rolled through passport control in a wheelchair and flown to Marrakech. He woke in an identical phone booth but when he stumbled outside he was greeted by the bustle of a chaotic market place.

Mr Brown told the Daily Mirror: "He was in a deep sleep. He had no sense of any time passing at all. His profound bewilderment eventually gave way to huge delight."

Mr Critchlow was left to wander the streets, while hawkers tried to sell him dates, nuts and juice, the paper reported.

He was eventually let in on the prank by Brown, who had used Mr Critchlow after he applied to appear on his new show, Trick or Treat.