Protesters campaigning against the south London incinerator gathered outside a Wimbledon estate agents in a public show of opposition.

Under the banner “No dirty energy for Felnex” the group – including Shasha Khan, the Green Party member who has led the fight against the proposed Beddington “energy recovery facility” in the courts – gathered outside Savills in Wimbledon High Street on Saturday.

The direct action, they said, was a result of being unable to speak with bosses at the company, one of the agents behind Felnex, a 700-home regeneration project linked to the incinerator.

Felnex, as it stands, would be heated by the residual waste generated from the billion-pound incinerator set to be built about a quarter-of-a-mile away from the homes.

Mr Khan said: “Savills are both listed as development manager and planning consultant for the Felnex development, just across the road from the planned Beddington incinerator.

“There is a memorandum of understanding that the excess heat from the incinerator will be piped to heat these homes.

“As our letter explains, campaigners are given to understand that the developers never wanted this heat. Yet, this theoretical understanding allows Viridor to justify inappropriate development on metropolitan open land, analogous with greenbelt, because such developments should only be approved in ‘very special circumstances’.”

A spokesman for Savills said the company was appointed in or around 2006 but that its role ceased in 2014.

He said: “During Savills’ appointment as planning agent, Savills was obliged to include green energy proposals in line with Greater London Authority and the London Borough of Sutton Council policy. Such proposals were due in part to Hackbridge plans to become the UK’s first sustainable suburb.

“One of the several options put forward in the planning proposal was to take ‘waste heat’ from the Viridor plant on Beddington Lane.

“Savills understands that no decision has yet been taken to commit to this or the other options that were considered and Savills is not involved with any discussions on behalf of any party in this matter. Savills has not been and never has been appointed as planning consultants in relation to the Viridor plant on Beddington Lane.”