A private hospital has been granted permission to expand.

Sutton Council’s planning committee met on Wednesday, February 26, to discuss plans for Spire St Anthony’s to build a two-storey building with “plant accommodation at roof level” and links to the existing building at the London Road site.

The plans aim to provide additional facilities, increased parking, create a cycle store and a refuse enclosure, following demolition of Padua House and the St John’s building.

According to the council’s report the proposal refers particularly to the “provision of a two-storey extension with additional plant room enclosure at roof level located towards the northern edge of the main St Anthony’s Hospital building adjacent to the northern boundary of the overall site”.

The council sent out 174 letters to those living next to the premises as well as issuing a press notice, receiving one letter with a petition signed by five people in return.

Issues raised include worries the build would be of excessive height, the proximity of the development, loss of light and outlook as well as the noise and disturbance caused by the build.

Sutton’s council officers, however, concluded the proposal would not cause harm to neighbouring occupiers, or the character of the surrounding area and recommended the site, owned by Spire Healthcare, for approval.

Councillor Richard Clifton, chairman of the Planning Committee, said: “The development will provide enhanced medical facilities at the hospital to ensure the highest possible quality of patient care.

“It will also support the long-term future of the hospital which will ensure the security of local jobs.”