Candidates have been announced for the Selhurst by-election, called for by UKIP despite the general election being just three months away.

The party has asked for an election to be held to decide who will take the former seat of Gerry Ryan, the Labour councillor who died of cancer last month.

It means voters in Selhurst will go to the polls on March 5, with the by-election set to cost £15,000.

Other parties have criticised UKIP for calling for it before Mr Ryan was buried and for putting the council through the extra expense by not agreeing it could have been held on the general election night.

Tirena Gunter is standing for the Conservative Party, Tracey Hague is representing the Greens and Geoff Morley is the Liberal Democrats candidate.

Annette Reid will be hoping people forget the recent criticism of UKIP when she represents the party and David Wood is standing for Labour.

Polling cards will be sent out at the end of the week or early next week.