A well-known Stonecot Hill landmark and pub will be pulled down and replaced with a supermarket.

Asda has been granted planning permission to tear down the Woodstock pub to build a new store. 

The decision was made at Sutton Council's planning committee on Wednesday, January 21, to a mixed reception with some welcoming the new business but others lamenting the loss of the stylised building and lack of housing provided in the plans.

Councillor Richard Clifton, planning committee chairman, said that while he personally regretted the loss of the building he felt the overall benefit to the community was to be recognised.

He said: "I don't think anyone can say that the residents were particularly against it.

"I visited the building several times.

"The building was a barn-like pub built in the 1930s and was not easily convertible."

The site, at the junction of Stonecot Hill and Sutton Common Road, will be demolished to make way for a single-storey supermarket, and up to 62 parking spaces.

Sutton Council said it sent 97 letters out to neighbouring residents. It received 69 letters of objection and a separate petition with 145 objections. In support the council received 169 letters of support, however opponents claim these were collected by Asda from branches outside the area.

Adrian Short, has been campaigning against the proposals. He said: "We are very very disappointed with the decision.

"We think it is the wrong decision."

Mr Short believes the addition of Asda will do little to improve the offering to residents in the area as there is already a Co-op supermarket nearby.

He also argued Asda should have been pushed to provide affordable housing as part of the proposal.