A 20-year-old man with a history of mental health problems took his own life while his mind was disturbed, a coroner has ruled.

Dario Olivo, a former Hinchley Wood School student who was studying art and design at the University for the Creative Arts in Epsom, died after falling from Eden Walk car park in Kingston town centre on October 21 last year.

At his inquest today, Mr Olivo’s mother Rosquetu Delgado, from Esher, said: “He planned to kill himself one day.

“I just thought he would’ve been protected a bit more.

“I told him not to leave his little sisters, his three little sisters, and he said he wouldn’t.”

Dr Gemma Kong, from Dorking Medical Practice, said Mr Olivo, of Nower Road, Dorking, had schizophrenia and borderline personality disorder diagnosed, and had been sectioned in May 2014.

He also had a history of drug use, and had taken a number of overdoses from 2011 to 2014.

The most recent had been a heroin overdose on October 12, when he was admitted to East Surrey Hospital and told doctors he had planned to kill himself.

But a doctor from Epsom Hospital home treatment team, who visited Mr Olivo on the morning he died, said although he spoke of voices in his head and seemed irritable, she had no reason to suspect he was an immediate risk because he seemed calm and was accepting of the care plan she suggested.

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Mr Olivo jumped from Eden Walk car park in Kingston town centre

Coroner Jeremy Chipperfield made reference to Mr Olivo’s history of mental health problems and previous acts of self harm before concluding at West London Coroner’s Court: “Mr Olivo took his own life whilst the balance of his mind was disturbed.”

Mr Olivo was the second person to die after falling from Eden Walk car park in as many days. 

Adam Kotynski, 35, from Florence Road in Walton, died the day before Mr Olivo, on October 20.

His inquest was also due to be held today, but was postponed because a witness could not attend. 

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