Transport bosses have ordered a safety review spanning Croydon's entire tram network after a coroner warned of "significant danger" following the death of a cyclist in November 2013.

Croydon Council and Transport for London (TfL) are to assess every point at which cycle lanes cross Tramlink routes, with particular focus on the East Croydon junction where Roger De Klerk slipped on the tracks and fell into the path of bus. 

The 43-year-old IT consultant, of Forest Hill, died of head, neck and chest compression following the collision in Addiscombe Road, at the junction of Cherry Orchard Road, on November 12.

At an inquest into Mr De Klerk's death on October 2 last year, coroner Selena Lynch criticised "confusing" signage and layout of cycle lanes at the junction and warned more cyclists could die unless action was taken.

In a report to Steve Iles, head of highways at the council, she said: "Tramlines present a significant danger to cyclists, either by being caught in the lines of slipping on the metal, particularly in the wet.

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Roger De Klerk died under a bus in November 2013

"The design and appearance of the bicycle lane at the junction of Addiscombe Road and Cherry Orchard Road may cause confusion for cyclists who are apparently required to go on to the pavement."

She added: "In my opinion there is a risk that future deaths will occur unless action is taken". 

In response to the report, the council has asked TfL's design team to conduct a detailed review of the junction with the aim of finding ways to make it safer for cyclists.

Proposals for design changes are expected to be submitted in April, with work beginning during the next financial year. 

The council is also to review signs and markings at all other sites in Croydon where cyclists cross tram tracks with a view to replacing any that are "potentially confusing", while TfL will hold talks with railway suppliers and plastic manufacturers as part of research into products that could be used to fill gaps between tram tracks.

In a letter to the coroner, sent last month, Mr Iles said: "I hope that this provides sufficient assurance as to the council's commitment to help cyclists and all other road users pass through and share this junction in the safest possible manner; and at other sites in Croydon where the paths of cyclists and trams cross."

After Mr De Klerk's death, his mother Ann revealed plans to establish a memorial fund to campaign to make cycling in London safer. 

She said: "I think the signing needs to be improved. People need to know where they are meant to be. I don’t think that a tram, a bicycle and a bus should all be on one thing."

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