A schoolboy who created his own museum in a spare bedroom received a letter and some exhibits from a Brighton museum commending his efforts.

Ronnie Reardon, who attends Trafalgar Junior School in Twickenham, has been collecting fossils for years and began to label and display them in a bedroom of his family home a year ago.

His mother, Kate, sent a photograph of his display to staff at the Royal Pavilion and Museums, and received a letter back from a senior member of staff, along with fossils, books and a curator’s badge.

Ms Reardon said: "He was just blown away by the letter and can’t stop talking about it and all the stuff he was sent.

"He’s been fascinated with fossils for years and loves showing off everything he’s found."

Ronnie, 7, is determined to become a palaeontologist or museum curator when he is older, and said his most prized items were a sea horse and the ammonite fossils sent from Brighton.

He said: "I love history and it’s nice to have things that other people don’t usually collect.

"I’ve shown my friends my museum and some of them want to start their own."

Su Hepburn, senior learning officer at the Royal Pavilion and Museums, said she was very impressed with Ronnie’s collection and it was a joy to be able to share some items with him.

She said: "Seeing his wonderful museum really inspired us and we could see what a professional he already is and to help nurture and encourage that love has been a joy."