Vince Cable, MP for Twickenham, said: "Many of us will be lucky enough to spend Christmas and the new year with our families – in my case including children and grandchildren.

"But we should spare a thought, and time, for those who are lonely and isolated or face hardship.

"I want to take the opportunity to thank the many public spirited people who help the voluntary groups which make up the local community: in churches, scouts and guides, the caring of charities, the fetes and cultural events.

"In the coming year there will be a fiercely contested election. You have already had a whiff of it.

"I have always taken the view that my job involves serving all the people of this constituency regardless of their politics.

"In that spirit I wish all your readers a happy Christmas and a successful new year."

Your Local Guardian:

Borough commander Colin Kennedy said: "2014 was another successful year for TW police.

"Crime and antisocial behaviour continues to fall and public confidence in our service is the highest in London. I remain committed to working with partners and the community to make this borough, the safest in London. To achieve that, I would like to remind residents that safeguarding property and reporting suspicious behaviour is vital in our ability to prevent crime and to solve crime.

"I have been very impressed with the generosity of local residents, having visited Sovereign Gate and seen our PCSOs co-ordinating this year’s xmas tree campaign, ensuring that children in care and the vulnerable and elderly receive a gift this Christmas.

"As I reach the end of my first year leading the policing teams here at Richmond, it is sealed with this generosity and the knowledge that assures me greatly that we work with a strong a sense of community and partnership that then fills me with confidence knowing we can get this right with our processes and by investing in our people. I see results from this year examples shown by our volunteers and special constabulary, as well as partners and a vibrant Neighbourhood Watch community. I have been nothing but impressed at the passion and dedication that everyone has demonstrated.

"Through police open days, where I met more than 1,000 residents, to officers being rewarded for their specific tasks in fighting crime and others receiving chief officer awards including one from the British Association of Women in Policing, in recognition of all the hard work within our communities over at Richmond and its town centre.

"On behalf of Richmond police, I would like to wish our residents a happy and safe Christmas and all the very best for 2015."

Your Local Guardian:

Father Jeff Hopkin Williams, vicar of St Mary's Church in Twickenham, said: "I was grateful to someone describing themselves as an atheist who told me recently that, instead of giving and receiving meaningless presents, they and their family were going to spend Christmas Day doing some essential redecorating in their home, for each other’s benefit.

"This, they claimed, was a far better use of their time than merely self-indulging. I tend to agree.

"It reminded me that Christianity is a very hands-on religion.

"God came to join in the experience of being human, involved Himself in personal situations and changed people's lives.

"What better way to celebrate His birth than to find tangible ways of doing likewise?

"May we all try to find ways of serving others who are in need, in this country or overseas, this Christmas and indeed throughout the coming year. Blessings galore for Christmas and 2015." 

Your Local Guardian:

Paul Gray, Historic Royal Palaces group director, said: "The festive season is one of the most magical times of the year at Hampton Court, with the palace dressed for Christmas, Tudor cookery in the historic kitchens, a dazzling interactive light trail in the gardens and the ice rink with its stunning Tudor backdrop.

"As the new year approaches, so too does a huge milestone in the palace’s history – Hampton Court’s 500th birthday. We’re gearing up for a year of celebration in 2015, and we look forward to welcoming you there."

Your Local Guardian:

Frank Sims, chief executive of Hounslow and Richmond Community Healthcare, said: "It is a real privilege to work for the NHS and I am incredibly proud of the fantastic care all the staff at Hounslow and Richmond Community Healthcare provide to the patients they care for in Richmond.

"Every day I hear from the public about how our staff have gone the extra mile, above and beyond the call of duty to look after people and to help them lead healthier and longer lives.

"I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who works at HRCH and have a safe and happy time over the Christmas."

Your Local Guardian:

Conor O'Shea, director of rugby at Harlequins, said: "Coming up very quickly is Big Game 7 at Twickenham stadium, when we take on Premiership Champions Northampton Saints on December 27.

"Last year was definitely one of the best big games I have been involved in and this one looks set to be even better with tickets selling faster than ever before.

"I must take this opportunity to thank all of Harlequins fans and members for their unstinting support. We have shared some incredible moments over the last few seasons and we hope to bring you even more of those in the near future.

"The noise from the stands does not go unnoticed and it really spurs the team on, so from them and me, thank you.

"Finally I would like to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy new year.

"We hope 2015 brings you all you want and more with a successful year for Harlequins, all of our players and at the Rugby World Cup."

Your Local Guardian:

Isolde O’Kane, Hampton Hill town centre manager, said: "2014 has been a busy year for Hampton Hill where, among other things, we celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Traders Association and the Christmas parade.

"What better way to mark this occasion than to host our busiest parade yet?

"I wish everyone in Hampton Hill and beyond a festive and relaxing Christmas and very much look forward to the new and exciting challenges for 2015. Happy Christmas and a happy new year to all."

Your Local Guardian:

Emma Marlow, team secretary, and Leah Ambridge, manager of Hampton & Richmond Ladies FC, said: "The first half of the 2014-15 season has been a successful one for Hampton and Richmond Borough Ladies FC. After a change in management during pre-season Leah Ambridge took over the side at the start of October with hopes of driving the team to success.

"The change was hard for the team after having the same manager for over eight years, however all have adapted well and began to play some brilliant football.

"Under Leah’s reign the team has developed and progressed tremendously and have become a very successful side.

"The team currently sits top of the league with an unbeaten league form and are through to the quarter finals of the cup.

"The aim for the rest of the season will be to finish top of the league and win the Russell Cup to reward the team for their hard work. All involved in the team would like to wish everyone a very merry Christmas and a happy new year, here’s to a successful 2015."

Your Local Guardian:

Ian Dyer, first team coach for Hampton & Richmond FC, said: "On behalf of the players, management and staff at Hampton & Richmond Borough Football Club, I’d like to wish everyone a merry Christmas, and a happy new year.

"The team is working hard to pick up points over a busy Christmas period. And after a tough start to the season, we are looking forward to moving into 2015 and enjoying a successful second half of this season.

"I’d like to thank everyone for their continued support of the team, and look forward to seeing you at a game soon."

Your Local Guardian:

Robert Smith, chairman of the Richmond Local History Society, said: "2014 was a memorable year for the Richmond Local History Society.

"In our talks programme we marked the centenary of Spencer Gore who died, aged only 35, in Richmond in March 1914. Gore, the first president of the Camden Town Group of English Post-Impressionist artists, lived in Cambrian Road. His death from pneumonia was brought on by painting outdoors in Richmond Park in the winter months.

"We hope readers will join us on February 9, when Sabina Franklyn and Doug Pinchin are giving a dramatised reading about Mary Braddon, the most popular and most prolific of Richmond’s famous writers. She died here in February 1915 and left a big mark on the town – Lichfield Gardens covers just a fraction of her own estate; Marchmont and Audley Roads are named after her best known books.

"We wish you all a merry Christmas."

Your Local Guardian:

Colleen Yuen, chief executive at Hampton Hill charity African Revival, said: "The African Revival teams in Hampton Hill, Uganda and Kalomo would like to wish everyone in the area a very Merry Christmas and thank them for their fantastic support in 2014.

"It’s been a great end to the year for African Revival, with our jumpstart appeal for nursery education in northern Uganda ending in November and raising a fantastic £439,912, with matched funding from the UK Government. Thank you to everyone who got involved to support our vision of an Africa where every child can fulfil their potential, either by donating, taking part in an event or volunteering.

"Special thanks to our dedicated volunteers and our founder for our donated offices in Hampton Hill. We’d like to wish everyone a happy new year and encourage you to get involved – how does trekking up Mount Kilimanjaro sound for a new year’s resolution?"