Poet Les Barker performs with a cappella folk group Morrigan at Twickenham's newest music venue this weekend.

Patchworks, organised by Twickfolk, is held at the Cabbage Patch pub and Barker, originally from Manchester and now based in Wales, brings his unique and quirky style to Twickenham on Sunday.

He has written 77 books, which sell in large numbers at his gigs, with poems spawning folk heroes such as Jason and the Arguments and Captain Indecisive.

John Hocking, a volunteer involved in running TwickFolk, says: "You've heard expressions such as 'I fell off my chair laughing' and 'rolling on the floor laughing'. "These things genuinely occur when Les Barker reads his poetry to an unsuspecting audience.

"His poems pull the English language inside out and revel in the humour of the every day.

"There are echoes of Spike Milligan and Lewis Carroll, mixed with a love of folk music and spoonerisms.

"Les's poems and songs have been recorded by June Tabor, Martin Carthy, Terry Wogan and even the Archbishop of Canterbury.

"He is one of a kind and we’re delighted to have him back at Twickfolk this Christmas."

Les Barker; Patchworks, the Cabbage Patch, London Road, Twickenham; December 14, doors open 7.45pm; tickets £10 on the door; visit twickfolk.co.uk for more information.