A wildlife photographer is staging what may be his last exhibition at a museum in Ewell this December.

Having devoted 10 years of his life to photographing animals around the world, Michael Hume is now selling off his photos at less than half their original price.

Hume has also put together a special winter collections of cards and mounted prints, including many images of Epsom and Ewell, for the display at Bourne Hall Museum.

He says: "It’s going to be a real bargain bonanza. I’ve been lucky enough to travel to all parts of the globe for unusual wildlife photos and cover the Olympics locally.

"My passion is still wildlife but other opportunities have come along and I’m looking forward to taking a break for a year or so."

Bourne Hall Museum, Spring Street, Ewell; December 9 to December 20; call Michael Hume on 07889 289189