International comedy giant and Southwest London funnyman Stephen K Amos coming to Epsom next month says he could write a book about motorways.

He is currently touring the UK with his new show Welcome To My World and although he loves the road, admits that it is not as glamorous as it might seem - especially long hours spent on motorways.

A regular at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and many others internationally, appearing at the Royal Variety Show in 2007 was far more of a thrill for his mother than it was for him.

He laughs: "My mum was even more proud than I was - it finally meant I was getting a job approved of by royalty."

"She has a picture from that night - she can finally tell her friends what I do for a living."

Amos’ one promise to those who come to see the show is "a proper belly-laugh."

"The one thing I guarantee is that the audience will laugh, and if things unplanned happen and I get them to speak about things we didn’t expect, then I have done my job properly."

He uses his charismatic comedy to touch on issues such as multiculturalism, sexuality, the rise of social media and how it is used as both a useful tool and a vehicle for bad behaviour.

He says: "If people know you as being a comedian then you’ve got an audience then there are subjects you can tackle: seriously if you’re well-informed or mockingly and subversively if not."

Amos is driven by the possibility of reaching an audience he wouldn’t necessarily be reaching otherwise.

He says: "The best bit of the job is the joy felt in the venue when the audience gets into it, that is the real pleasure."

One of his pet peeves is people demanding a joke off the cuff, saying with mock-regal poise: "One is not a jukebox."

"But, if Stephen Spielberg wanted to give me a call for a remake of the Fresh Prince of Bel Air, I could be persuaded to take on the title role."

The Sunday Times dubs him the warmest comic around and it is not difficult to understand why.

Epsom Playhouse, January 23, 8pm, call 01372 742555/742227 or visit to buy tickets.