Silent Pain

Should we allow half the population of deer to be killed in the yearly deer cull?

Every year there are 750.000 being killed from a total population of 1.5 million deer. To maintain the optimum deer welfare, numbers are kept in check each year with the male cull in September and females in November. However is this the right way to deal with overpopulation in our Royal Parks?

“If animals were not removed, food would become scarce and more animals would ultimately suffer,” the Royal Parks say. “Without population control there would be other welfare issues such as low body fat, malnutrition and high incidence of death from exposure to cold in winter."

Animal rights activists disagree with this way of population control. They have mentioned several times that there are other ways of dealing with this issue.

It is there for questioned weather the human civilisation and animals have lived harmoniously together in the past few years, as the average citizen believes. This would mean treating each other equally; however, can we live harmoniously with our wildlife if we do not treat them fairly?

For example, if there were to be an over population of dogs, what would we do in order to control it?

We would move dogs to a bigger area in order to provide them with a sustainable standard of living. This is the perfect way of dealing with animal population control however, how are dogs different from deer? Why should we not apply this way of control to deer as well?

Animals are animals whatever the situation or place they are in. It is not our right to decide what type of animal gets a higher standard of living or treatment.

As animal rights activists said before, there are other ways of dealing with this issue. One of the ways is by re-homing the deer across the country. However, the Royal Parks say that it would be pointless as they would simply reproduce in a different area, therefore simply transferring the problem elsewhere. Another problem is that the deer would result in great stress and injury.

However, surely it would be a better alternative than getting killed? Another alternative is to consider implementing non-lethal steps, such as contraceptives (of which are not legal in the UK), which have been successfully introduced in parts of America.

The best solution would be created if we weighed up the advantages and disadvantages; this would help us decide the best solution for the deer in our Royal Parks. We have to remember that deer are innocent creatures that deserve to be treated as fairly and with the same rights as any other animals are.


Lucia Martinez-Botas - Gumley House Convent School