A builder hired as part of a major renovation of a housing estate, has been caught on camera masturbating in a couple's living room while they were at work.

The husband and wife, who lived in Chaucer House, Sutton Common, installed CCTV in their flat to monitor what workmen were up to while they were out.

When they watched the footage back they were horrified to see a builder stood in the middle of their living room pleasuring himself.

The council-owned block of flats is managed by the Sutton Housing Partnership, who contracted building firm Keepmoat to carry out interior building works at the site.

A camera was installed by the couple after they grew concerned about the behaviour of Keepmoat staff.

The tenants, called Mr A and Mrs B to protect their identity, claim workmen kept walking in and out of the house without signing in, and would leave their front door unlocked when they had finished work for the day.

Mr A said: "I felt sick, physically sick. I was so angry. I felt violated to be honest. It was stomach-churning, horrifying, you name it.

"My wife felt the same, and couldn’t return to the flat for a long time.

"My wife went and stayed with her mum for over a week. We’ve nicknamed him Nob the Builder."

Video footage taken on July 14 also showed the worker using their weights, and in a separate clip, taking a step ladder.

The couple reported him to police the following day, who confirmed the report of the ladder theft but refused to name the suspect.

A Keepmoat spokesperson said: "We took swift and decisive action at the time of the incident in July 2014, working with Sutton Housing Partnership and the resident affected.  

"As a result the matter was reported to the police and the individual removed from site immediately."

A Sutton Housing Partnership spokesperson said: "This matter was taken very seriously by Keepmoat and SHP.   

"As soon as we were made aware of the incident the operative was immediately removed from the site and dismissed. 

"The police were contacted and a full investigation was carried out. 

"We understand the obvious distress this has caused and SHP have, and will continue to, work with the family to fully support them throughout this time."

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