A family who staged three emotional demonstrations outside Croydon University Hospital about its treatment of a critically ill father-of-two are fighting for him to be transferred to another hospital.

Marcus Campbell's mother and sister are lobbying to have the 22-year-old, who is in a coma with a rare brain stem inflammation, moved to a specialist centre despite Croydon Health Services NHS Trust reversing its decision not to resusitate him if his heart stopped.

Around 150 protesters carrying banners and placards, staged three demonstrations outside the London Road hospital last week calling for "justice" for young Thornton Heath father and accusing doctors of "giving up" on him.

Hundreds stage emotional protest over critically ill dad Marcus Campbell's care at Croydon University Hospital

Nearly 28,000 people have signed a petition, launched by the family, describing Mr Campbell's treatment as "inhumane, disgraceful, unjust and all in all bad practice".

The hospital appeared to back down on Friday, launching a review of the case and promising to treat Mr Campbell, but his mother and sisters say they have "lost all trust" in Croydon Health Services NHS Trust.

His mother, Sandra Palmer, 48, said: "We would like Marcus to be moved straight away. We don't feel confident anymore.

"We don't have that trust with the hospital. After the experiences that we've been through, we are just on our guard now.

"It is quite frightening but we are trying to stand firm as a family and do the best thing for Marcus. We are hoping he is going to be moved this week." 

The row between the trust and Mr Campbell's family was inflamed when his sisters Tonika Campbell, 21, and Siobhan Chin, 29, were barred from visiting him in intensive care.

The ban, since lifted, was imposed by the hospital after police were called to an altercation between the sisters and hospital staff over their brother's care.

The trust initially defended the ban, which a spokesman said was "in the interests of safety for our staff and other critically ill patients", but a further statement on Friday said all family members could visit Mr Campbell's bedside.

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Mr Campbell's friends and family, including mum Sandra Palmer, second right, and sisters Tonika Campbell, middle, and Siobhan Chin, second left, protested outside the hospital

It added: "Marcus is extremely unwell and his condition remains life-threatening. Our doctors and nurses are doing everything they can to make him comfortable, and we are continuing to discuss his ongoing care with his family, in particular his mum."

The trust said an independent expert was due to complete a review of Mr Campbell's care this week.

Ms Palmer was scheduled to meet Stephen Ebbs, the hospital's medical director, to discuss transferring her son to a specialist neurological hospital near Euston.

The trust spokesman said: "We have arranged for an urgent external review of Marcus’ care, which is currently underway and is being led by an independent intensive care consultant. 

"He is reviewing all of Marcus’ medical notes from Croydon University Hospital and from his care at St George’s.  He has also met with the family to discuss their views and is preparing a report which will give a completely impartial view on what is best for Marcus.

“The trust’s most senior doctor is continuing to meet with Marcus’ family to discuss his care and listen to his families’ concerns, as have a number of our staff.

“We will transfer Marcus to a specialist centre when a bed becomes available, if this is what his family wants and if it is safe for Marcus. We are continuing to do everything we can to care for Marcus and to make him as comfortable as possible.”