A brave young boy with numerous allergies and a syndrome which can make his body swell up has enjoyed a charity trip to Disney World last month with his family.

Morgan Bishop, 4, from Tadworth, suffers with severe eczema, asthma and multiple allergies, as well as Nephrotic syndrome which makes him swell up when protein leaks out of his kidneys, and has been admitted to hospital a number of times.

His conditions mean it is difficult for Morgan to go to restaurants, children’s parties or soft play areas as environmental factors can aggravate his eczema.

But his mother Dana Bishop, 35, said: "Through all of this Morgan is a little fighter and still keeps smiling."

She said the family - including Morgan's father Paul and one-year-old brother Jenson - enjoyed some welcome respite last month when the Make A Wish Foundation arranged for them to visit Disney World Florida.

They stayed at a specialised village which caters for children with life-threatening and terminal conditions.

"It was a welcome break from the day to day suffering, to focus on the positive," Mrs Bishop added.

And next month, Morgan will officially open Santa’s grotto at Chessington Garden Centre.

The youngster was diagnosed with eczema at six months old.

After he turned one, he had blood tests which highlighted a number of allergies including those to dogs, cats, horses, pollen, fish, soya, dairy, egg, nuts, avocado, kiwi, bananas and latex.

Mrs Bishop said: "Over the years he has had some severe reactions to his skin, his eyes have swollen as though he has been punched.

"At 15 months old Morgan was very swollen.

"After blood tests, scans, x-rays then finally an ultrasound he was diagnosed with Nephrotic Syndrome.

"His swollen appearance was due to the protein leaking out of his kidneys.

"He was diagnosed with steroid resistant Nephrotic syndrome, which meant his kidneys wouldn't respond to steroids alone so had to start taking daily immune suppressant drugs.

"This in general stops the protein leaking but there are many side-effects and as it suppresses his immune system so Morgan is frequently ill.

"The medication is managing the condition but in the worst case scenario some people have to have a kidney transplant.

"Sadly in a high percentage of people the syndrome bizarrely can reoccur in the new kidneys."

Morgan started school part-time this September, where he has bonded with another youngster who suffers from multiple allergies.

Mrs Bishop added: "He’s a brave little boy for what he has to put up with.

"The kidney syndrome is the most life-threatening but the eczema is hard to live with. He is uncomfortable and itching and sore every day.

"At parties we have to take all our own food, we can’t really go to restaurants. He can’t go on bouncy castles or touch balloons. We can’t take him swimming.

"He’s a little character. Everybody knows him. He’s got a very strong personality."

In August, the family was featured on a BBC Horizon documentary about living with children who have severe allergies.