New flight paths being tested by Heathrow are not the reason for an increase in complaints about planes flying over Epsom, it has emerged.

The Epsom Guardian has been contacted by residents who say they have recently experienced an increase in the number of airplanes flying over the town.

One said: "I appreciate we are under the flight path for helicopters which are few and far between, but recently there has been a marked increase in the volume of airplanes rising over Epsom which I assume can be attributed to the new flight paths being tested at Heathrow Airport.

"Given the town has up to now been fairly noise free from the air, it’s a great shame our peace can be disturbed from the early hours to late at night without any consultation or input from the residents.

"Surely these flights could either remain on the previously agreed flight paths or be diverted to avoid highly populated areas.

"Recent flight path trials from Heathrow are to be cut short because of complaints but that doesn’t mean to say these paths will not be used in the future."

Michele Barbour said: "I too have noticed an increase in flights over Epsom and hope they are due to the Heathrow trials which I understand are due to close early in November rather than the original closure date of January 2015 as a result of a public petition.

"I was surprised at the amount of aircraft that flew over Epsom at fairly low heights when I moved here from Worcester Park 18 months ago and so have been further disappointed by the increase. Hope it reduces soon."

Gladys Saunders added: "Not only are there many more during the day, but well after 11 pm and before 6am in the morning. I only hope this isn’t to become the norm."

But a spokeswoman for Heathrow Airport said that while some departure and arrival routes to and from Heathrow airport do fly over Epsom, it is not affected by any of the future airspace trial routes.

She said: "Epsom is not affected by the trials and is affected by normal operations - mainly by arriving aircraft and by being located near a holding stack."

The trials are part of the Government’s plans to modernise the country’s airspace and improve the airspace around Heathrow.

Earlier this month it announced that it will be ending the trials next month, instead of at the end of January 2015, as originally planned.