School choirs do not usually get the chance to be part of blockbuster movies, with performances more likely to be in front of family and friends.

But, if you go to the cinema this winter, the chances are you will hear singers from Trinity School in action as they appear in three of the season’s biggest films.

At the start of this term the boys’ choir recorded the music for the latest instalment of the Hunger Games series, which stars Jennifer Lawrence.

And a couple of days after they had finished at the Air Studios in Hampstead, north London, Andrew Sinclair-Knopp returned to record some solos for Angelina Jolie’s latest Unbroken.

One of the 12-year-old’s solos opens the film that will be released in December.

He said: "Although it was a bit nerve wracking to start with I loved recording the music for Unbroken. It is very angelic and airy music with no real words. It was really cool wearing headphones in the studio; I felt like a real recording star."

Not to be left out, the girls’ choir - and some of their mums - had great fun recording the soundtrack to the new British drama Suffragette which is out in January.

Stars in the movie include Helen Bonham-Carter, Meryl Streep and Carey Mulligan.

Trinity’s director of music David Swinson said: "What is exciting about recording film music is that by then the film has been ‘locked down’ and we come in at the very last stage of the film making process.

"This means that all the key people like the director, producer and, of course, the composer tend to be in the studio with us, which the pupils love."

Other films Trinity boys choir has recorded songs for include 101 Dalmatians, Lord of the Flies and Maleficent.