Primary school children could have their Sats papers torn up as the Department for Education investigates allegations of misconduct by staff.

Results for exams sat by Year 6 pupils in spring have been withheld from Heavers Farm Primary after concerns were raised about handling of the tests.

Parents of the 58 pupils, who had expected to learn their children's grades in July, were kept in the dark about the reason for the delay until news of the investigation emerged this week.

Several former teachers at Heavers Farm have since contacted the Croydon Guardian alleging pupils were given assistance during exams to improve results.

All of the whistleblowers, who did not want to be named, said they now had left the school.

Executive headteacher Susan Papas, who also became executive head of Selsdon Primary School last year, said she was "shocked" by the allegations and said there was no evidence of any wrongdoing. 

Ms Papas said: "I am quite shocked at that. I am a pretty above-board person and pretty moral. I would take issue with that and be quite offended if someone said that."

Asked why the allegations could have been made, she added: "There have been a number of staff who have left under a cloud for various reasons and I would not be surprised if they were quite malicious. There is no evidence for it."

She added the departure of two senior teachers - headteacher Andrea Cousins, who resigned, and Ragini Shakar, who is on long-term sick leave - from Heavers Farm over the summer were unrelated to the investigation.

But the departure of Mrs Cousins, who is understood to have been in the role just a year, came as a shock to some parents and former staff.

Croydon Council investigated concerns about the exams and has submitted a report to the DfE, which will decide whether to take action.

The council would not confirm who raised the concerns or when they were flagged up.

Ms Papas said she was made aware of concerns about the Sats exams in July and expected the DfE's investigation to be completed soon, but could not predict its outcome.

The executive head said she had been at Selsdon Primary while exams were sat at Heavers Farm.

She said: "I've completed co-operated with the local authority and the STA (Standards and Testing Agency) and have been working with them to resolve very quickly. 

"Something happened when I wasn't at the school. I am co-operating to sort it out as soon as possible.

Your Local Guardian:

Ms Papas became executive headteacher of Selsdon Primary School last year

"The issue for me is that children and stuff worked really hard last year to try to get those results and a lot of parents are very upset that the publicity has put their own children in a difficult position at their new secondary school.

"They are very supportive of the school and just wish they had their results.

"We've been regularly moderated by the local authority and there has never been a whiff of anything before, and nor should there be."

Heavers Farm saw its results shoot up from 53 per cent of pupils achieving at least the benchmark of Level 4 English and Maths in 2008, Ms Papas's first full year at the school, to 82 per cent in her second.

That rate rose to 92 per cent in 2011 and 89 per cent in 2012 before dropping to 65 per cent last year.

Selsdon posted much-improved Year 6 Sats results this summer, with 82 per cent of pupils achieveing level 4 or better, up from 61 per cent in 2013.

A spokesman for Croydon Council said: "We are aware of the concerns of the Standards and Testing Agency (STA) and are working closely with them, the school and the Department for Education to ensure that the investigation is concluded as swiftly as possible. 

He added: "The STA drew the council’s attention to this matter towards the end of the summer term. There is no issue at Selsdon."

A Department for Education spokesman said: "The Standards and Testing Agency are currently conducting an investigation into the administration of the 2014 key stage 2 national curriculum tests at the school. 

"While these types of investigation are undertaken it is standard procedure to suppress a school’s results until the investigation is concluded. As no final decision on the case has yet been made the school’s results have not been returned to them."

Heavers Farm and Selsdon primaries entered into a federation this year following Ms Papas' appointment as executive headteacher in 2013.

She was appointed headteacher of Heavers Farm in January 2007.

Are you a teacher or former teacher at Heavers Farm or Selsdon Primary? Has your child taken Sats exams at either school? Call 020 8722 6351 or email