Daily Telegraph columnist Dr Max Pemberton and Radio 4 contributor John Bell are two of the speakers appearing at Epsom Mental Health Week.

A wide range of events designed to combat the stigma surrounding mental health will take place in the borough from October 5 to October 11.

Run by local charity Love Me Love My Mind, activities include yoga, art, music workshops, creative writing, poetry, film, dance, sessions on eating well and combating anxiety and a pop-up book group.

Chris Grayling, the local MP, is speaking at a buffet reception on October 8 and the week culminates with a bake-off and vintage-themed tea party on the Sunday.

Rev Sue Bull, who chairs the charity, said: "Human beings experience a range of mental and emotional distresses and different things can help different people at different times."

She said the week is open to everyone whether they have mental health issues, are professionals working in the field, or just people with an interest in the subject.

She said: "You will receive a very warm welcome throughout the week."

Rev Bull said we are all on the spectrum of feeling good or not so good at any time and that this recognition can transform mental health support.

She said: "Sometimes the longest journey is to cross the threshold into a mental health event."

Run by a team of 40 to 50 volunteers and funded entirely by grants and donations, it caters for around 40 participants per session.

Last year, 97 per cent of attendees claimed they would return, 47 per cent came from outside the borough and some took holiday to attend.

"We are filming some of the talks so they can be uploaded later on so others can catch up," Rev Bull added.

The theme For Your Peace of Mind is a nod to the centenary of World War I, seeking to remove anxiety through alleviating worry about physical, mental and emotional problems.

Some centenary-related activities include Saturday’s walkathon, exploring the Epsom Cluster Hospitals, finding peace through art on Monday and Shell Shocked Britain on Wednesday evening.

Throughout the year, the charity runs popular weekly Monday drop-ins offering a meal and activities, as well as Let’s talk Epsom, a recently formed group for depression sufferers.

For full details of the charity, events and speakers visit: lovemelovemymind.org.uk/emhw.html