A Canadian man discovered his historic links to Cobham through parish magazine and newspaper clippings dating back to 1914.

The clippings and editions of Cobham Parish Magazine were sent to Dave Byram's parents after they relocated to the other side of the world.

Mr Byram, 65, of Bristol, New Brunswick, Canada, learnt about his family's history through the clippings sent by his grandmother, who lived in Hogshill Lane, Cobham.

He said: "Every family event that was chronicled in the church magazines or local papers was forwarded, with much love, to Canada."

The September 1914 edition of the parish magazine announced his grandparents' marriage on August 2, 1914 and a later edition logged the baptism of his mother on July 6, 1924.

Since retiring in 2004, Mr Byram has worked on his family tree and said he found it fascinating to discover his English heritage.

He said: "This research has taken me from the comforts of my home in New Brunswick, Canada to such places as Australia and the northern parts of Great Britain and destinations in between."