A woman in a wealthy suburb has admitted throwing raw chicken, bananas and pickled onions on the driveway of a man dubbed the ‘mooning millionaire’ after a bitter dispute with another neighbour.

Mari Hannah Swanson, 30, of Beaverbank, The Glade, Kingswood, appeared in court last Monday, September 15, charged with harassment.

Her victim Neville Williams, of Red Roofs, Forest Drive, Kingswood, was targeted between between July 7 and 16.

Swanson pleaded guilty to the bizarre behaviour and was handed a restraining order banning her from contacting Mr Williams until next September.  

She also received a 12 month conditional discharge and was ordered to pay a £15 victim surcharge and £85 in costs.

Swanson also pleaded guilty to damaging Mr Williams’ brick wall after painting it white.  

Her sentence for this offence was discharged conditionally for 12 months.

No compensation was ordered as the amount was "not substantiated".

She had also been charged with throwing paper rubbish across Mr Williams’ driveway and going to his home intending to throw bags of wet cat food - but both charges were withdrawn in court.

Your Local Guardian:

'Mooning millionaire' Neville Williams in his driveway, in a photograph taken by Gerald Mead last year 

A year ago, the Epsom Guardian told how Mr Williams had been locked in a bitter six-year dispute with neighbour, Gerald Mead, over a narrow strip of land between their properties.

Insistent it belonged to him, Mr Williams chopped down a number of trees planted on the border by Mr Mead, who firmly believed the strip was his.

A smashed greenhouse, blazing trunks and Mr Williams removing his trousers and ‘mooning’ at Mr Mead all followed.

Although Mr Williams has said there has now been some resolution to the border dispute, he is convinced the battle is behind Swanson’s attacks on his house.

But Mr Mead strongly denies knowing Swanson or spreading any rumours about Mr Williams.

Speaking to the Epsom Guardian last week, Mr Williams said: "We don’t know her from Adam.

"She said she didn’t know why she was doing this, so we thought she might be claiming insanity.  

"But we have been in a dispute with my neighbour for quite a while and he has been going round to our other neighbours and saying things against me.

"He claims I cut down his trees and I didn’t.

"Through mediators and solicitors it was decided he would put up a fence along the boundary by June 8 which he hasn’t."

Your Local Guardian:

Neville Williams talking to his gardener in a photograph taken by Mr Mead last year

Mr Williams said Mr Mead approached a neighbour saying ‘he has stolen some land from you, I can get it back for you’.

He added: "This may have been how she came round and decided to attack my property."

Mr Williams said he caught Swanson red-handed with cat food she intended to throw onto his driveway and called the police, who later arrested her.

"We were at home for the chicken and the bananas.  But all these items were done separately.  It wasn’t done in a lump sum," he said.

"She painted my brick wall white.

"She would go round the area picking up rubbish, put it in her car and dump it onto my property.  

"She would be hiding in Mr Mead’s bushes chucking stuff over the hedge."

He added: "I caught her throwing the chicken and bananas on CCTV.  

"A week later I had some premonition that something was going to happen because we had a word with Mr Mead about the fence.

"The final time I caught her at about 9pm when she was coming up and dumping cat food.  

"I asked her what she was doing and called the police."

Mr Williams believes Mr Mead and Swanson are in cahoots: "They would probably say I’m biased.  

"But I have been here 12 years and never had any problems.  

"My neighbours have come to apologise about what’s been happening.  They may be wrong as well but that’s how they seem to see it too.

"The fact is he’s been going round to the neighbours’ houses.  

"I know this because the next-door neighbour said Mr Mead was in touch with him before he even moved in.  He said to me ‘I hear you’re the bad man in the area’. 

"I’ve had another gentleman saying he [Mr Mead] asked him to say that I attacked Mr Mead with a chainsaw."

Your Local Guardian:

Gerald Mead in his garden last year after his trees had been cut down by Neville Williams

But Mr Mead strongly denies knowing Swanson or spreading any rumours about Mr Williams.

Speaking to this newspaper, he said: "I had never seen her in my life and had no contact with her.

"I don’t have to talk to the neighbours.  The neighbours see what’s happening."

Mr Mead said he saw Mr Williams and Swanson on the night the police were called and said: "I would say he knows her."

Having spent £25,000 on solicitors and fees to mediators, he said he will put up the fence next month, re-plant trees on his side of the border and then consider selling-up.

He said: "We’ve got this border line dispute done now.

"Quite a lot of the trees were mine, they were on my side.  He shouldn’t have cut them down.

"I would rather have not lost the trees.

"There was a lot in the papers about me saying I didn’t want it to look like Sutton.  And there was him pulling his trousers down and showing his arse to my grandchildren.

"I want to move on.

"You live somewhere like this because you feel it’s private and you have the seclusion with all the trees.  

"I’ve got nothing now.  I see him on his patio with no clothes on.  

"I don’t want a neighbour like that.  

"He’s attacked me with a chainsaw - he caught my arm cutting his hedge and said he slipped."

Meanwhile Mr Williams said he was surprised that Swanson was not ordered to pay any compensation towards the £1,200 repair bill for his brick wall.

He believed there was a racial undertone to some of her actions - a criticism he has also levelled at Brixton-born Mr Mead, who strongly denies this.

Mr Williams said: "If I come to you and start hurtling bananas I feel there is a racial undertone to that.  

"The police didn’t agree and didn’t explain why.

"I can’t imagine me damaging anyone else’s property and not being told to pay for it." 

He added: "I just want to live a nice, quiet, peaceful life.  I’ve got kids who go to school.  I just want to carry on."