International art stretching from all corners of the globe comes to Herne Hill for a dynamic and challenging group art show.

You Only Live Once explores modern attitudes to health and mortality and the concept of living life to its fullest in the short lives that we lead.

Artist Mr Von Hugo has turned gamekeeper to curate an international team of artists and encourage them to express their opinions and jointly exhibit their work at a limited edition show.

Seven artists have contributed to the exhibition, with an extended geography that spans from Japan and Arizona to France and Hoxton.

Daisuke Sakaguchi is among those with works on display, with his creations showcasing a mix of Japanese folk law and traditional tattoos, Irezumi, to create a unique and complex design ethic.

Toni Gallagher will bring an invasive exploration of the inner kaleidoscope of the body using her x-ray vision, while Erin Lawloe has a Parisian flair that has been corroded beyond repair.

The show will be hosted in a temporary pop up gallery, using a new railway arch in vibrant Herne Hill.

  • You Only Live Once; the Arch Villain pop up gallery; September 18 to 27, 10.30am to 4.30pm; free. Visit