A war veteran has told of his fears of asbestos poisoning after a housing association failed to repair a damaged ceiling in his home.

David Ford, who lives on the Eastfields estate in Mitcham, has had a leaking roof since January after workmen repairing a neighbour's roof swept heavy debris onto his roof, causing it to crack.

Surveyors working for housing association Circle Housing Merton Property (CHMP), which manages the estate, informed managers in August that poor workmanship by contractors had led to internal damage to Mr Ford's property.

Scaffolding was erected outside the property in Clay Avenue six weeks ago, but still no work has been done.

And Mr Ford, 75, who has lived on the estate for more than 20 years, fears that he may have been exposed to asbestos in addition to the damage and delays.

He said: "Debris left on my roof has caused my plaster board to crack and it's got asbestos in it. Now I've got to go to the doctor because it could be poisonous."

He added: "I fought in the Middle East in the 1950s so it takes a lot to scare me. I have lived with danger all my life, I was born before World War Two."

Mr Ford, a freeholder on the estate, was debited more than £2,000 at the beginning of the month for service charges to CHMP.

He said: "I want that money back because they're not providing any service. They charged us for a whole list of stuff like cutting the grass and sweeping outside but they don't do it."

Mark Anderson, director of property services at CHMP, said: "Our contractors are in the process of agreeing a start date to carry out the repairs to Mr Ford’s roof and shared box gutter.

"We have urged Mr Ford to contact his insurance company who are responsible for carrying out an asbestos test and any internal work required."

CHMP declined to comment on whether Mr Ford should pay service charges in light of what has happened.